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How do I renew my policy? Can I add other policies? Why can't I delete a policy on my MyAc.unt dashboard? Why are my Policy Status and Payment Status different? Why do I sometimes get a message to call customer service? Can I and How do I change my policy? How do I edit my vehicle usage? How do I edit my lien ...

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Also, once your policy expires, the renewal offer we sent you is no longer valid and your price to renewuld change. Back to the Top. How is my rate determined? There are a number of factors that go into calculating your rate for auto insurance: yourverage limits and deductibles, where you live, what kind of car you ...

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Below are our most frequently asked questions. If you already have a motor insurance policy with us, you can use this interactive section to find out how to request changes to your policy, renew your policy, or make a claim. Change or update your policy. How to add a driver · How to change your address details

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You'll be able to renew your policy online at least 2 weeks before your renewal date. Please be aware that you may not have to do anything. Check your renewal letter to see if your policy will be renewed automatically on the date it's due. If you currently pay for your insurance by monthly instalments, we may renew your ...

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About us. Auto Direct is part of the Ageas group, one of the largest insuranceanisations in Europe. We are proud to have over 25 years' experience in providing exceptional customer service.

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Charge me twice in one month almost 400 dollars after i renewed my insurance. 11 days ... I purchased car insurance and paid 450.00 for the policy and had to cancel 3 days later and only received a refund for $220! .... I was purchasing a vehicle and was told that I must have insurance so they placed me with Direct Auto.