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Aug 28, 2017 ... The time when we can sit back and tell our car where to drive itself is getting
closer every day. Self-driving cars (also called autonomous vehicles or driverless
cars) promise new levels of efficiency and take driver fatigue and inattention ...

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Also in 2016, SAE updated its classification, called J3016_201609. Levels of driving automation. Safety. Welfare. Traffic.sts. Related effects. Mercedes autonomous cruisentrol system. Tesla Autopilot.

I Brought A Self Driving Car Home For The Holidays And No One

Dec 3, 2017 ... There aren't any fully self-driving cars available to buy today, but there are plenty of vehicles with semi-autonomous features. One of the better ones is the 2018 Cadillac CT6 with Super Cruise, an advanced driver-assist system that GM claims rivals Tesla's Autopilot.

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The self-driving car project is now Waymo. Waymo stands for a new way
forward in mobility. We are a self-driving technologypany with a mission to
make it safe and easy for people and things to move around. Learn more.

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Budget 2017: UK to launch self-driving cars on British roads by 2021. Published:
19 Nov 2017. Budget 2017: UK to launch self-driving cars on British roads by
2021 ...