Top Fuel Efficient Automatic Cars In India Autocar India

Dec 17, 2017 ... Automatics providenvenience over their manualunterparts though pay a
penalty in mileage. Here are the most fuel efficient automatic cars. Staff Writer
Author. 47,187 Views; 1ments. In today'sngested and traffic-infested
urban environments, an automatic transmission provides a much more ...

Is A Manual Car Better Than An Automatic Car In India Manual Vs

Why automatic cars were not popular in India all this while is mainly because of
the fear of low mileage with automatic cars. But the latest automatic cars in India
have newer types of automatic gears like AMT transmission, Dual clutch
transmission and CVT transmission: all car automatic gear types explained in
detail further ...

Is It Better To Buy An Automatic Car In India Quora

Yes,it makes city driving verynvenient and newer transmission technologies
are quite good. There are 4 types of auto transmission offered in cars in India 1
Torquenvertor automatic transmission(Lets call it TAT) 2 Automated manual