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Jan 5, 2018 ... Leasing differs from purchasing a car in a number of ways. First, lease customers only pay for the portion of the car's depreciation that occurs during the term of the lease –monly two to three years – plus some interest. Think of it as renting a car for a few years.

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May 8, 2017 ... Car dealers advertise low monthly lease payments on new autos, butnsumers usually are asked to pay several thousand dollars at the beginning of the term to get the low payments, says Reed. That money is generally used to pay a portion of the car lease in advance.

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Although average vehicle pricesntinue to edge steadily upward, it's still
possible to drive a brand-new car for about $199 per month. At any given time,
many lease offers are clustered around that price, and smart shoppers can often
find bargains for even less. The 2018 Subaru Impreza is among the Edmunds
$199 lease ...

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Between 7/1/16 and 9/30/16, the average estimated savings off MSRP presented
by TrueCar Certified Dealers to users of TrueCar powereds, based on
users whonfigured virtual vehicles and who TrueCar identified as purchasing
a new vehicle of the same make and model listed on the certificate from a
Certified ...