Auto Union

Auto Union was formed in Germany in 1932 merging: Zschopauer Motorenwerke J. S. Horch – founded 1904 by August Horch in Zwickau. Audi – because of disputes with the CFO, August Horch in 1909 left his namesake enterprise and founded Audi across town, building inline-four-, six- and eight-cylinder-engined cars.

Auto Union Racing Car

Auto Union Type C. Auto Union Type D at 2009 AMI Leipzig. V16 engine installed inside a Type C. Driver Bernd Rosemeyer in car No.1, rounding the Nürburgring. Hans Stuck in an aerodynamic Type C in Italy. Rudolf Hasse at the 1937 Donington Grand Prix. 1938 V16 Type C/D at the Audi museum, Ingolstadt.

Audi Buys Their Dream Car Auto Union Type D Road Track

Aug 10, 2012 - Yesterday our dream car was a 2012 Audi R8. What if you are Audi? It turns out Audi's dream car was a famous 1939 Auto Union twin-supercharger Type D that it was finally able to buy a few weeks ago. The price? Undisclosed. The car in question was expected to fetch over $10 million when it was last up ...