Best Automatic Cars To Buy In Carbuyer

Jan 3, 2018 - A perennial favourite of the UK's car-buying public and with good reason, the Vauxhall Astra is Britain's answer to the Volkswagen Golf. The latest Astra has a wide range of engines – no fewer than five petrols and foursels, in fact – a large proportion of which can be enjoyed with an automatic gearbox.

Best Small Automatic Cars And The Ones To Avoid What Car

Jan 3, 2018 - There are lots of great small cars on sale, but if you want one with an automatic gearbox, then your choice is rather more limited. It's not so much that small automatic cars aren't available, but more that many of them aren't very good. That said, there are still some small cars that are every bit as impressive ...

Top Automatic City Cars Top Cars Honest John

Top 10: Automatic city cars. Today's city cars offer style, ability, and low runningsts, but what if your urban runabout has to be of the automatic variety? ... It also has a good blend of ride and handling, and boasts a good quality cabin too. It is a nippy device ... but direct steering . I am thinking of getting one of these in UK!

Most E Nomical Automatic Cars Uk List Of Top Models

It can often be difficult to identify cars with an automatic transmission which are also e.nomical to run. This list of most e.nomical automatic cars shows the Top 30 models available in the UK in 2018. The data is sorted by MPG and shows details on MPG,2 g/km, Tax Band and the unique Next Green Car Rating.