Penndot Fact Sheet Antique Classic Vehicles And Vintage

If the vehicle is currently titled in your name and you now wish to brand the vehicle as an antique or classic vehicle and display a vintage registration plate, you will need: Page 3 a. The Pennsylvania Certificate of Title and Form MV-11, “Application for Permanent, Antique, Classic orllectible Registration Plate.”

Chapter Antique And Classic Vehicles Pennsylvaniade

67.1. Purpose. This chapter establishes procedures governing the issuance and
use of antique and classic registration plates and facilitates the enforcement of
section 1340 of the act (relating to antique and classic plates).

Vintage Registration Plates Dmv Pa Gov

A vintage registration plate is a "period issued" registration plate from 1906 to 1976 to be displayed on an antique or classic vehicle with the samerresponding year of manufacture. Vintage registration plates will not be manufactured or issued by the Department.

Specialty Vehicle Titleregistration Dmv Pa Gov

The following 'Fact Sheet' documents explain the titling and registration
procedures for modified, re.nstructed, speciallynstructed,llectible, antique,
classic and street rod vehicles and other specialty vehicle types being titled and
registered in Pennsylvania. Antique, Classic Vehicle and Vintage Registration
Plates ...

Antique License Plates And The Law Pafoa Forum Pennsylvania

Aug 16, 2009 ... It's beautiful, and will qualify for the antique plates. Now my question is... since it's
my daily driver for now, it will not meet the requirements EXACTLY for the "used
once a week for activities other than show." How strict are the police round the
western part of the state with this law? Once I buy a new car, ...