Vintage Cars On Demand Uber

Mar 14, 2016 ... Photos by Andrea Monica Hug Photography Request your vintageol
experience on demand: ride for free during Baselworld with Uber and Zenith in a
few amazing classic cars (1961 Jaguar MK2, 1967 Jaguar E Type, 1959 Bentley
S1, Citroen Traction). If you ride in an UberZENITH car, you are ...

Its Like An Uber For Classic Cars Now Richard Rawlings

Check out our friends at Rock and Roll Rides, and be sure to VOTE for your city
on Kickstarter!// · Rock & Roll Rides - Classic
Car Sharing ™. UBER for classic cars! Rock and Roll Rides is a mobile app that
nnects people with specialty vehicles for on-demand sharing services.

How About Uber Classic Uber Drivers Forum

Aug 31, 2017 ... ... an Uber Senior program. Where older pax can "cruise down memory lane" or
something. The other way it would fail: 1. Not hauling a small group of drunk kids
in my classic Challenger and risk it getting puked in. 2.Wouldn't put that kind of
wear and tear on a classic I just sank $50k into for car shows. 3.

Hagerty Insurance Gets Into Classic And Exotic Car Sharing Business

Aug 21, 2017 ... How about driving a 1981 DeLorean for $880 a day, or taking a spin in a 1967
Pontiac GTO for $215? In its effort to get a slice of the mushrooming car-sharing
revolution as well as build interest in historic cars among a generation raised on
Uber, an auto insurance agency announced this week that it's ...