A Battery-powered Toyota SUV

November 22, 2023

toyota suv

And while the holidays are coming, not that it is announcing the sale of a toy car for one of their children, but every time we hear the word “battery” comes to mind us an element of fun for kids.

This time, Toyota remains committed to advanced technology that is allowing him to develop cars with very efficient fuel alternatives , taking care of environmental issues and the drastic reduction of pollutants.

These new alternative fuels that will soon be in every region of the world, offering better performance at prices more comfortable and giving us peace of mind to be cooperating with the improvement of our habitat.

The Japanese company has produced a car called the FCHV-adv is mobilized on the basis of hydrogen, but this time with a fuel cell .

This car is really a hybrid SUV , is on trial periods as it seeks to overcome some drawbacks such as the problems that arise at low temperatures especially in the boot, but once this is ready, the FCHV-adv can even be in perfect working order even at -30 ° C.

This model has a battery electrolyte polymer that gives the vehicle a range of up to 800 kilometers at a speed of about 70km / h , also because it has a braking system that uses , as it regenerates the energy used in the process and converted back into energy available for transfer.

The engine of this SUV can develop up to 122 HP and speeds up to 155 Km / h .

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