Audi A4 Back to BTCC

November 22, 2023

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Audi A4 will be returned to the race track in the UK BTCC touring car championship for the series next year, after a decade of not participating.

Two versions of the Audi A4 touring prestigious racing competitions in the UK that will be used by individual race teams Rob Austin Racing. Second race car is made and adjusted to the technical regulations BTCC, NGTC (Next Generation Touring Car).

Testing the reliability of A4 BTCC will be held March next year. Team driver will confirm their official A4, January.

Regulations designed NGTC drastically reduce and reduce the cost of the entire team that will go down to compete in the BTCC. Including restrictions on the performance of a racing car for not much different from the performance of the machine now.

One stumbling block will BTCC Audi A4 on the track next season is the Toyota Avensis. Avensis itself has adopted regulations that NGTC. BTCC director Alan Gow said that the team of Rob Austin will increase the number of brand automobile manufacturer in the BTCC grid list into 9 brands.

Audi is very well known name in the racing world touring, now through the individual teams is an interesting thing to look again the Audi logo emblazoned on the Paddock.

History of Audi A4 in the BTCC pretty sweet to be a champion in 1996 piloted by renowned racer, Frank Biela. A4 lunge kick in the BTCC halted in 1998.

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