Autocar Jaguar Unveils Plans for The Next 12 Years

November 22, 2023

Autocar, pulling the cat internal sources of Coventry, has unveiled plans for the next … 12 years! Jaguar. That’s nothing. We believe it or not, meaning they have. According to the British publication, the idea that the new “access” was a five-door hatchback style R-D6 has been discarded in favor of a more conventional three volumes, for the scars to shoo the advanced design sales.

In exchange for not having the five-door sporty, the brand will develop a hardtop convertible on the same platform as the sedan aluminum access. Want to know more? After the jump you have all the release schedule, according to Autocar.

2011 (finals) XK facelift

2012 (middle) and facelift estate XF

2012 (finals) XE sports

2013 (early) XJ facelift

2013 (late) New XK

2014 (mid) Access Sedan

2014 (late) Crossover

2015 (mid) New XF

2017 XJ Coupe

2018 Third generation XJ

Second generation XE 2020

2023 Third generation XK

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