Bentley Continental GT Imperium

November 22, 2023

Bentley Continental GT Imperium

Due to the high price of a Bentley Continental GT, causes no surprise that some special cars preparers decided to offer its customers a personalized service to its customers, when they lead to “customize” their vehicles.

Thus, the house preparers English Imperium have been an example to develop a single Continental GT in accordance with the wishes of an unknown British businessman.

As you can see through this pair of images, the coupe made to order custom handmade body shows a unique design for the front and the rear end, side skirts, carbon fiber, a spoiler on the trunk lid and rear diffuser made also in carbon fiber.

Other improvements include the exclusive light-alloy forged, wheels in black and reprogramming of the ECU to further enhance the significant performance of the model. To the above must be added an optimized brake system, a sport suspension that lowers ride height and a system of performance exhaust.

For the interiors of the Continental GT, Imperium plans a total renovation including sporty leather upholstery applications specially selected wood and carbon fiber made by hand.

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