Biodiesel from Jatropha

November 22, 2023


The Jatropa grows as a shrub in India and Madagascar. Can be used as a renewable alternative fuel. Allows you to produce diesel fuel for diesel engines. Vegetable oils are gaining importance and would be competitive with fuel oil. Diesel Rudolhp in 1912 saw the future as well.

The plant in India promises a great achievement, the “Jatropha Curcas” its scientific name can produce much oil, which is converted into biodiesel by adding methanol and heating.

The plant benefits exceed those of corn and soybeans, used today as common sources for biodiesel production. The bush is not used for human consumption and is not suitable because of its toxicity, a big advantage because it does not compete with food production.

Its fruit is shaped nut with three seeds, produces four times more oil than corn and ten times more than soybeans. Contains low levels of sulfur and can be used by newer diesel engines.

It can grow in unfavorable terrain, like deserts or barren land where there is usually a pesticide, also helps to regenerate the soil. A layer of fertile mantle.

Produces 0.7 inches of sediment each year and only 10 cm depth of soil can be cultivated. It is a miracle plant because it produces in 14 years what other plants would require a millennium.

An ideal plant for developing countries and has great strength, great regenerative capacity and resistance to water shortages. It generates very well in sub-Saharan. The Indians are dumped to study and grow a thousand acres in Andhra Pradesh in southeast India.

It is estimated that in March 2008 reached 8,000 hectares, the area worked, that can produce 16 million liters a year. Seek the goal of 90 million liters annually.

The government of India is keen to cover 400,000 hectares in 22 of the 28 states of the country to produce 756,800 million liters of oil.

They are also looking for a genetic variant to achieve 40% Jatropha oil seeds. There is interference from Mercedes Benz, who performed tests on the plant in India and Madagascar.

If using this tree could replace 20% of the consumption of petroleum would have 200 million fewer tons of CO2 per year emitted into the atmosphere. Also be reduced by 50% the emissions of pollution particles and some of them carcinogenic. Volkswagen also has an interest in biofuels and thus produce more diesel engines.

The change is already released and the process accelerated. The spirit to solve the problems is imposed.

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