Blade Runner: The Australia’s First Electric Car

November 22, 2023

blade runner

Although it might seem from the title, the theme of this blog has not been changed to film. After some time working Australians have finished developing the Blade Runner, a zero-emission car developed from a Hyundai Getz to gasoline as the one pictured.

The Blade Runner uses an electric motor gets its power from two lithium-ion batteries and fully charged has a range of 100 kilometers, after removing the original engine and exhaust system. The conversion was carried out by Blade Electric Vehicles, and has a price equivalent to U.S. $ 32.000.

According to an article in The Edge, Australia website, Australian inventiveness does not end there. Some owners of BRs do not want to increase their energy bills and have decided to charge their batteries using solar energy. Until the Australian government has been enthusiastic, apparently, Blade Electric Vehicles would be to close a deal with them to supply them with electric cars.

Electric cars are almost a marvel. And it is “almost ” because replacing a lithium-ion battery is not the same as going to the store and buy a Varta, are much more expensive and recycling is more complicated. Well, it’s evolution.

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