BMW’s New Scooter

November 22, 2023

BMW's New Scooter2

When we saw the first images of the highly anticipated BMW Concept C Scooter, effectively confirmed that the German company was preparing a revolution, not only in its catalog of bikes but the entire segment. However, until now no one knew of any additional data, in addition to being work on the final design.

BMW's New Scooter1

We still can not provide actual pictures of BMW scooters (because we do not have), but if a leak on the patents include the model. In particular, we know that the BMW Concept C Scooter will have a variable volume chamber under the seat.

BMW's New Scooter

Similar to the mechanism of the suitcases they ride some bikes of the brand, the hotel is relatively small in size while the bike is rolling, but when we stopped and got on the stand, you can easily expand to accommodate a helmet inside.

A simple, but no other manufacturer has bothered to patent or use before. There will be something from another world, but is further evidence that BMW is taking very seriously the final design of your scooter.

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