Choose Your Preferred Design of The EV-1 Volta

November 22, 2023

 the EV-1 Voltab

Motorbikes Volta, young Spanish manufacturer of electric motorcycles, announced that it is closer presenting his first official model, the EV-1 Volta. It is currently being finalized for staging in style, and within that want to have the participation of everyone to choose a major aesthetic appearance on the bike.

 the EV-1 Voltaa

In the official Facebook page of the firm, has opened an inquiry so that all stakeholders can vote for one of three design schemes available. The choice will be reflected in the Volta prototype EV-1, trying to convey the maximum possible sportsmanship, combined with modern design and ecological spirit, why not say it.

 the EV-1 Volta

Volta blindly believe in sustainable mobility as a solution to urban pollution problems. But do not giving up performance or aesthetics, and that’s what they want to convey with this contest.

As we see in the pictures, there are three design options for motorcycle, differentiated mainly in color. To date the Option C is accumulating the most votes, with 49%, followed by B with 39% and at 12%.

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