Delahaye USA bella figure type 57s

November 22, 2023

Delahaye USA bella figure type 57 s

After three years of development, is now available for purchase Delahaye USA’s Bella Figure Type 57S. Long Valley, New Jersey d a company specializing in the manufacture of special vehicles, was inspired by the legendary coupé Bugatti Type 57S, the years of 1930 and 40

Modified to use narrow or wide platform, a choice, and expanded the internal dimensions to improve habitability. Using cutting edge materials such as carbon fiber and polished aluminum, Delahaye USA describes her new project as more than a replica.

Equipped with air conditioning, ABS brakes and power steering, power windows and options chosen by the engine and transmission, everything seems to be true.

Figure Type 57S Beauty will occur in small series and can be ordered with direction to the right or left to suit different countries, in complete kits or “minus”, i.e. without the engine or transmission in “body Roller “that carries only the chassis, bodywork and wheels and the” self assembly “to arm oneself, both in the U.S. and the UK.

The prototype will be equipped with a W12 engine in the BMW M70, but the first unit ordered for delivery next month of November, will be armed with a Cadillac V8 engine. Other engine options are a 6-cylinder Jaguar V12 Mercedes Benz e, including by Renntech biturbo version.

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