Driving The Car in Bad Weather

November 22, 2023

bad weather

The adverse weather such as rain, snow or high winds, there will always increase the chances of accidents on the roads. It is therefore important to know what are the prospects that we will if we must travel under these difficult conditions.

In short, the first advice is to stay alert at all times and observe the highest standards of care for these cases, especially if you are walking with the family.

Excessive speed is always one of the main organizers of accident, which is why you should avoid driving over the allowable limits. On the other hand, must be kept within its own lane and an appropriate distance from the next vehicle that will allow at least ten seconds to react if required to do so.

Always avoid braking sharply and not do very risky maneuver, especially if you are in high traffic areas.

The windshield and windows should always be clear, for which it must carry a small spatula to remove the ice or clean cloth to clean the glass. Always take care when performing these activities during your trip, especially if it stopped on the way to do it.

Park in a safe place and remember that the visibility of other drivers will also be diminished by the weather, so take due care to avoid being hit while performing cleaning duties.

Under conditions of extreme cold is advisable to keep a full gas tank, as this will prevent freezing of pipes vehicle fuel. On the other hand, is almost often under these circumstances, there is heavy traffic or vehicular traffic congestion, which will delay his departure, it will consume its fuel or in some cases, you should take other routes or perhaps longer must return home .

Check tire pressure, condition of each and see if they have the traction needed for the journey to make in your journey. Also, check the condition of your exhaust pipe and find that no obstructions.

Do not forget, if possible, carry a cell phone and notifying those who are waiting at the end of its travel the approximate time of arrival, so they are alert in case of not knowing your arrival.

Finally, the best climates in case like these, if possible, it is always best to stay home until conditions improve.

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