Force India Defer Launch of his New Cars

November 22, 2023

While other teams are introducing new cars iuntuk 2011 season, Force India would delay the launch of the 2011-spec car VJM04, and will be introduced in both the pre-season test in Valencia later.

Force India have revealed that they were in pre-season debut this year will not be using the new car until the title a second test in Valencia. It means to make Force India’s 2010-spec car VJM03 on the first test.

“We have been considering how we plan to start the season and the introduction of the new Force India, VJM04,” said Chief Operating Officer of Otmar Szafnauer told Reuters.
“The team will participate in all four pre-season tests, and we will use the VJM03 for the first test in Valencia before VJM04 make his test debut at Jerez next week,” he continued.

Delays by Force India was deliberately done so that the time to develop their new car for longer, with such expected results will be maximal.

Starting the test with a new car then give us a few weeks longer for us to get the part that released for a new car. There is always a trade-off between running the car in early and get the information for the aero department, and we believe will work to our advantage, given our size and resources, “he explained

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