Fourth Generation Honda Legend

November 22, 2023

Sedan flagship of the Japanese, which is also known as Acura RL.!

The current and fourth generation Honda Legend from the year 2005 with improved aesthetics and mechanics for the year 2009, which differs from the above that incorporated an advanced AWD system and a more aggressive and dynamic.
The magnificence of fully sophisticated engineering, dynamic and innovative Honda legend. Undoubtedly one of the best designs could only translate into this beautiful Honda legend, every detail is a waste of comfort and elegance, leather-wrapped and enriched with polished wood finishes to define it as perfectly ELEGANCE OF FIRST CLASS

Security | Honda Legend

Legend safety and engineering details will allow you to enjoy and enjoy absolute protection as well as accurate.
Smart air bags are triggered in two stages according to impact intensity, dual SRS airbag in the front seats.

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