Fuel Card Prices and GPS Vehicle Tracking

November 22, 2023

There are two management solutions all fleet vehicle companies should take into account if seeking production success; fuel cards and GPS vehicle tracking. Fuel cards allow companies to regulate a driver’s gas spending, hence eliminating the possibility for fuel purchasing fraud.

Fuel card prices however will depend on the number of vehicles in the fleet, the type of fuel used, and the company provider. Some fuel companies, like Esso for instance have their own fuel card services which allow businesses to select two of their options, thus granting a vehicle fleet company a better selection on fuel card prices.

As with fuel cards, GPS tracking services are a vital part of a business’s vehicle tracking information. Some advanced GPS vehicle tracking systems can send instant alerts to a fleet manager’s cell phone when a vehicle is idling for too long, speeding or operating outside an assigned area.

If a truck is idle for more than thirty minutes, the vehicle tracking information system can send out a text message or email. In 2008 the company BLS Trucking installed a GPS tracking device on its two hundred diesel trucks. This saved the company $188,539 in fuel consumption on its first year alone by eliminating unauthorized use and unnecessary idling time. In the end, this amounted to more than $900 in savings per vehicle.

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