Heritage Helmets: Beautiful Classic Hull Design

November 22, 2023


In my humble opinion, a classic bike looks much better when accompanied by classic design accessories. Just as there are jackets, bags and gloves, of course there must be an accomplished helmets retro look. For one example: the Heritage Helmets, a helmet that will be very well received by most nostalgic bikers.

Jet type design (chin exposed, unlike the modular type) takes us back to better times, and is decorated with the logo of Lambretta and the Union Jack, but we also have a simpler, with a cockade on the side along with Lambretta inscription running along the hull.

According to information published on the official website of the brand, the Heritage Helmets meet safety approval ECE 22/05. Are marketed in Britain, but its manufacture is Italian. It costs £ 150, which would become approximately 173 euros.

A nice town, no doubt, ideal to accompany a classic motorcycle better. But surely agree with me: despite having passed this test, the open design makes it very unprotected face, and not stop to give us confidence in the event of a fall.

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