Higher Rate of Car Insurance Deduction

November 22, 2023

Car Insurance

Mr. Zhou has found that auto insurance coverage, or the record of traffic violations and accidents, insurance coverage did not increase the number of cases, premiums actually rose by 2,000 yuan last year, more than 20%. Chow had a similar experience with the owners of many, has received a number of readers of the call, all auto insurance premiums reflect the sudden “price” problem.

Within one year the differences are so huge bonuses, which occurred during the change? An official of the insurance company said, because commercial insurance coverage through the information platform, as the floating rate factors insurance companies auto insurance effectively stop the phenomenon of abuse. Previously, the owner should not be there to enjoy special rate to float downward, so you will feel this increase in the premium will be higher. In fact, it’s a consumer must pay the premium. However, it should be noted that because of floating rates towards standardization, has been part of the vehicle began to select off-site insurance.

You guide the owners of “flight”

It is understood that last year Mr. Chow insurance agency auto insurance car insurance in the fall to enjoy preferential rates at the same time, also received high fees that the agency, up to 36% discount on premium. However, since the return to the standard fee, insurance for commercial vehicles and a number of measures have been implemented in the platform, after rebate again this year to enjoy such high premiums have been impossible.

Zhou said that this research a year, insurance sales agents around proposals to buy your own car insurance, so that the floating exchange rate factor can be relaxed, but can also be part of the profit sharing of the company. While this is attractive, but because of Zhou of the negative effects of these practices do not understand, so eventually give up.

Shanghai, an official of the insurance agency, has been since late July, many customers have felt a great auto insurance premium rate of price increases, of which a considerable part of the initiative to investigate if there is a channel customer discount. Given the Shanghai insurance market has been very high price transparency, all businesses must be a single platform, the company will be forced to seek customers in the neighboring provinces and cities policy “bottom line”.

Industry sources, the insurance agent is responsible for the company’s revenue, but the practice of the Shanghai auto insurance “15 +4″ after the standard rates, so that is the main activity has been reduced income dramatically, even after deducting operating expenses have been profitable. profit mentality to drive these institutions to charge higher auto insurance business to the area.

Output of insurance companies is not worried about business

A large number of Shanghai after the order of auto insurance competition in the regular market, which will not cause the flow of auto insurance premiums in neighboring provinces and cities?

It is understood that the flow between the motor insurance business in the provinces is not uncommon, especially in intermediary business, a more positive flow. Fixed an insurance intermediary for insurance and car insurance claims service, so that owners do not worry too much about which insurance company automobile insurance, no insurance is concerned provinces where.

The person in charge of the insurance agency, said many other provinces and cities as brand vehicles in Shanghai, most vehicles with the price of the insurance business are different in all regions in the flow. Shanghai prices higher car insurance below, this part of the vehicle may be the first loss of business.

However, there are many people in the industry is not concerned about the exodus of large-scale businesses. The auto insurance company property in Shanghai, the head said: “Shanghai auto insurance premiums can not be a plateau, so the possibility that the flow of business to neighboring provinces and cities is limited For example, some areas around the level of auto insurance rate is slightly lower than in Shanghai. auto insurance agent business will not invest in the region, the area, although there is a slight handling advantage, but the auto insurance losses throughout the sector of insurance companies intend to deliver a better service and better quality requirements, so that other deserted areas to escape from the face of increases in business, can not be fully accepted. “

Proof of claims for remote service

Choose to assure the owners of the neighboring provinces, the insurance company says the convenience of service should be the main concern of the owner expected to provide the country – Compensation for services, has or may have specialized in the Shanghai Cooperation loss whole organization. Today, in addition to peace, land and a small part of compensation for the entire country has, claims and other off-site services, small insurance companies, because most of the other outlets are not Instead, you can not claim to provide inter-city services.

The articles in the open and land compensation insurance to understand that compared to traditional insurance automatically Peifu, “Compensation for” the most important feature is that the country achieved “through the income through payment “of services that customers anywhere in the country, whether hazardous condition may be the nearest land of China’s Compensation Insurance for service outlets to accept” compensation for “services.

According to industry sources, motor insurance claims service quality has become an important standard of customer choice. Some local insurance companies to pay compensation not yet completed within the stipulated time, much less to achieve the trans-provincial claims, some insurance companies require the insured to obtain insurance claims its branches, causing great inconvenience to owners.

Experts advise owners to avoid increasing rates and choose a time when inter-city insurance claims can cause problems in the future. To prevent the best way to increase premiums, or paying attention to traffic safety, reduce the number of traffic violations. The number of claims decided by the ratio increases, so the amount of the loss is not an accident, do not affect safe driving, and even the option to repair.

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