Honda Civic Hybrid 2009: Ecological and Economical

November 22, 2023

Honda has launched in several countries in South America, the hybrid version of its popular Civic.This car has two engines, one petrol 1.3 l i-VTEC SOHC 80 HP and a 30 HP electric , which makes a total of 110 HP .Box has a CVT and is indistinguishable from the regular gasoline version rather than the dashboard and for good performance, which is 75 miles per gallon on average.

Honda Civic Hybrid 2009

Combining both engines, the Civic Hybrid can accelerate from 0-100 km / h in 12.1 seconds with a top speed of 185 km / h .The big advantage of hybrid cars over gasoline is entirely performance that is twice that of a conventional car but with the same performance and same capacity (the latter is affected when the car is converted to LPG or natural gas ).

Honda Civic Hybrid 2009

With current technology, the Civic Hybrid is even more advantageous than a 100% electric car because it has much more autonomy .This hybrid recharges the batteries during operation, and a fully electric car requires several hours to recharge its batteries.With a full tank, the autonomy of Civic reaches 1000 kilometers .

Honda Civic Hybrid 2009

Honda Civic Hybrid 2009

Honda Civic Hybrid 2009

The batteries are recharged Civic Hybrid from two sources: a generator powered by gasoline engine and the same electric motor .This reverses its direction of rotation during braking and can store that energy for later use.This system is called regenerative braking .

To save even more fuel, the Civic Hybrid has a system called “stop and go” .This system turns off the gasoline engine when the car stops for a few seconds (eg, while waiting for a red light).

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