How to Repowering Your Car?

November 22, 2023

repowering car

There are many ways you can achieve the upgrading of a car, so to increase their power and improve their performance.

1. A cylinder of larger or more cylinders increase your vehicle can increase the displacement of the same, because in this way gain more power as it burns more fuel for the engine speed.

2. The power can also be increased with greater compression, since the mixture of air and fuel is the more compressed, more spontaneity will give the required explosion.

3. A greater amount of air-fuel mixture in each cylinder will generate more power in it, in the same way as in the case of larger cylinders. An example of this is given by the turbo systems that put more air in each of them, then if any pressurized.

4. Recall that when compressed air is generated also raising its temperature, which is why the incoming air must be cooled, such as with turbo systems where a radiator specifically designed for this purpose, is charged with the task cooling the compressed air before it passes to the cylinders.

5. The placement of two suction valves in each cylinder, can reduce air resistance and so let this enter more easily, giving more power to the motor.

6. The download also can be helped with two exhaust valves per cylinder, thus achieving the air resistance not make more difficult the optimal function of displacement.

7. Remember also that a very small exhaust pipe or a muffler that represents too much resistance, it would be subtracting power to your vehicle. Explore the possibility of two exhaust pipes to fix the problem.

8. Try to reduce the weight in your vehicle’s engine, lightened because the parties have achieved a better performance than power, as would occur with a piston lighter, and would need less energy to perform its functions.

9. Finally, consider the fuel injection system, because it allows exact income of the fuel in each cylinder, which will increase performance, and on the other hand, save gas.

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