Hybrid Cars Will The Cheap

November 22, 2023

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Will be launched next year, Honda Motor has open-aperture on the particular model hybrid. Among its cost of production per unit 50 percent cheaper than the Civic hybrid model.

Honda also expressed its readiness to apply the hybrid is in production models to be launched early 2009. Honda’s latest hybrid model still uses a system of Integrated Motor Assist (IMA) as used on Honda hybrid car today. Honda hybrid specific model is dedicated to be marketed globally with affordable prices.

Therefore, the development using technologies already in use, both in concept and production models are now marketed. Hybrid specific model is capable of carrying five people, five door, with a size between Honda Fit and Civic. Part ekteriornya mengadposi model Honda FCX Clarity hydrogen. Honda estimates that the price will be priced at 2 million yen or approximately $16900

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