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November 22, 2023

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One of the great advantages of hybrids is that they allow to take 30% of the energy generated, whereas a conventional gasoline vehicle uses only 19%. This efficiency improvement is achieved by batteries, which store energy than conventional propulsion systems is lost as kinetic energy, which escapes as heat during braking. Many hybrid systems can collect and reuse this energy by converting it into electrical energy through the so-called regenerative braking. The hybrid engine with diesel or diesel are an important option to consider when buying a car. Efficiency is that last longer, are cleaner. Efficiency or performance is outstanding.

The combination of a combustion engine always operating at peak efficiency, and recovery of braking energy (especially useful in short lengths), making these vehicles achieve better performance than conventional vehicles of a certain time, especially on roads very busy, which concentrates most of the traffic, so as to significantly reduce both fuel consumption and emissions. All electric cars use batteries charged by an external source, which causes them problems of autonomy of operation without recharging.

Types of powertrains

There are many hybrid systems, among which three stand out: the parallel system, the combined system and the system sequence or series.

* In the parallel system, the heat engine is the main source of energy and the electric motor acts giving more power to the system. The electric motor delivers its power output and acceleration, when the heat engine consumes more fuel. This system is characterized by its simplicity, which opens the door to the possibility of implementing it in models of existing vehicles, without specific designs, and facilitates the comparison of its cost to a conventional vehicle. This is the system used by the Honda Insight.
* In the combined system more complex, the electric motor operates alone at low speeds, while at high speed, heat and electric motor work together. The engine combines the functions of the vehicle propulsion and power generator that provides power to the electric motor, which reduces the efficiency of the system. The Toyota Prius uses this system.
* In the series system, the vehicle is driven only by the electric motor that draws power from a generator powered by the engine. The Opel amperes is expected to reach mass production in 2011, based on the Chevrolet Volt, is a series hybrid.

There are also so-called plug-in hybrids, also known by its initials in English PHEVs, which use mainly the electric motor can be recharged by plugging it into the mains.

Each of these systems has its pros and cons, but they all have an important positive component, since they indicate a serious effort in research and development of more efficient propulsion systems and clean by some brands of the automotive sector.

They can also be classified as:

* Regular, using the electric motor as a backup.
* Plug-In (also known by its initials in English PHEVs), which mainly used the electric motor and can be recharged by plugging it into the mains.

Although the technology for manufacturing a hybrid vehicle is obvious: an internal combustion generator recharges the batteries when the onboard computer detects that these are exhausted. Even the generator needs to move the wheels, the high torque electric motors moving the wheels avoids even the use of a transmission and clutch.


Cars typically have internal combustion engines which range from 60 to 180 hp maximum power. This power is required in particular situations, such as throttle, steep slopes rising strongly connected to the vehicle at high speed. The fact that most of the time that power is not required is a waste of energy since then oversize the motor for operation at a very small percentage of capacity is the point of working in a place where the performance is pretty bad. A vehicle conventional means, if used mostly in town or long distances at moderate speed and stationary, or even need to develop 20 hp.

The act of developing a power much lower than the engine can give is a waste for two reasons: firstly expenses incurred in manufacturing the engine higher than they actually require, and secondly, the performance of an engine to give 100 horses when given only 20 is much lower than other less powerful engine running at full power maximum and giving the same 20 horses. This second factor is primarily responsible for urban consumption of one vehicle equipped with a powerful engine consumed in urban tours, a lot more than the same weight equipped with a smaller engine. In conclusion, the motor must be suitable for the use to which it applies.

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