Installing a Sliding Rear Window

November 22, 2023

sliding rear window

When buying a passenger car or truck, you’re probably looking for a sliding rear window.Typically, these vehicles are already built with the staff.However, there are some good and popular models do not have those windows, because of the style, patents and aesthetic considerations.

Sliding rear windows are good if they are intended to provide special recognition in the rear seat passengers.As roofs, these accessories in your car now can come in different styles.There are even car models of energy that allows sliding rear window opening through switches electric car.There are manuals, course, and those with dual rear sliding windows used in conjunction with sliding doors.

Some car buyers are felt to change your preferences with ease.For example, you might love cars without rear sliding windows.However, after some time, his family and friends can influence you to think that cars with the windows are better.Do not worry.You can install a sliding rear window yourself.You need not go to the auto-glass shop to do the job for you.

Here are some of the practical procedures to guide the effort.

1.Remove rear seats and front seats before the installation procedure.Doing so will help you get more and more comfortable access to the area of ​​the window.Always work in consultation with car owners manual, which had been given for free when buying the vehicle.Also remove the panels and seat belt.

2.Access nuts that hold the windshield in the back in place with the side supports.Remove the brackets, but to note its orientation as it will have to reinstall them after completion.

3.Remove car window mounting nuts carefully.For vehicles whose fruits are situated beneath the edge of the headliner, in room key end-use rather than sockets.Be careful when handling and nuts, because headliners can be easily damaged.

4.Take the glass seal of time in the edges of the window.You can use a spatula to do this.Slide the blade behind the edge of the rear wall and carefully lever out the window.This will loosen the seal.

5.Lift the image window.Wear gloves to protect your hands in the procedure.Then remove the old sealant.Preparation of the window frame cleaning with alcohol.

6.Press the new brand of sealant time to the area of ​​the window.Remove the paper backing.Clean the window with an adhesive remover and then with alcohol.

7.This is the time to place your new sliding rear window in place.Make sure nails properly aligned with the emerging holes of solder.The window should be secured with the original hardware.

8.Lastly, reverse above procedure for the reinstatement of the seats, seat belts and trims.

Now in its new sliding rear window, test its reliability and flexibility.His family and friends can congratulate you for this good work well done.Now, passengers will certainly enjoy the ride even more they are taking with you.It is recalled that this do-it-yourself move can only be effective and work for the style manual rear sliding windows.

If your goal is to install the switch type, you might have to leave the job to professionals.Enjoy your passenger car, with its impressive new features.Who says you can not do it alone?

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