Lamborghini Aventador a Dark Horse in The Super Car Class

November 22, 2023

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One vehicle that has recently attracted the attention of lovers of super car, the Lamborghini Aventador have not produced. But Murcielago replacement car has been highly anticipated by the prospective purchaser.

One of them in Singapore, in the country was Avendator been ordered as many as 50 units over by his fans when the car is not produced, even yet officially introduced.

According, membludaknya super car demand in Singapore was an impact that occurred after the incident a month ago, which when shown a pre-production model shown to the public for one day.

Appearances Aventador LP700-4 is part tour of Asia to attract potential buyers in the Asian region. It did not take long, finally “As many as 50 more potential buyers to pre-order to get Aventador,” said Melvin Goh Singapore lamborghini head.

Lamborghini boss explained that the reason behind the high demand was based on the fact that the brand, image, and visibility has improved Lamborghini.

“In the last five years since the arrival of Murcielago and Gallardo, people better understand the car better and we deliver products that are also good. So they are willing to make a reservation even when the new car has not reached here, “said Goh was quoted as saying, Tuesday

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