Lancia Ypsilon 2009: Designed to Compete Against The MINI

November 22, 2023


‘Make love not war’, the old saying goes, but we must confess it is quite a sight to see face the Italians against the British. And we’re not talking football or war, but here. The battles between the makers of both countries have created such magnificent pole as Ferrari vs. McLaren, Maserati vs. Aston Martin or Alfa Romeo vs. Jaguar. And this battle will be joined by a sidewall Fiat MINI would not leave that takes all the subcompact segment / hatchback and launched the attack to 500. But it was not quiet, to see what happened, Fiat is launching another soldier from the MINI: The new Lancia Ypsilon.

The Ypsilon is Lancia part of the relaunch, which began at the Geneva Motor Show with the launch of Delta. Be built on the modified platform of the Fiat Grande Punto with a range to be determined for gasoline and diesel, and of course a totally different style: the Lancia is easily recognized by its iconic front grill.

It is likely that the new Ypsilon has its official launch at the Geneva Motor Show next year and be released shortly thereafter.

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