March Luxurious Sensation

November 22, 2023

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Possesses features that bring a new experience. Does not feel, travel Yogyakarta-Jakarta can pass without excessive fatigue.

March 3-cylinder engine performance quite exceptional. Nissan’s new engine is pretty quiet HR12DE coded in lap down. Sound of 3 cylinder only emerge when the engine roar at high speed.

Power of 80 hp with 106 Nm of torque still felt inadequate to the route out of town.

And now, we want also felt the performance of the automatic transmission on the same route. Although there is little difference in performance, March gearshift feels smooth.

4 new gear position is achieved when a car speeds past the 60 km / hr. So, do not expect you to walk with the highest gear is when the speed is below that number.

Features safety a priority at this most luxurious model. Brakes with ABS (Anti-lock Braking System), EBD (Electronic Brake Distribution) and BA (Braking Assist) is standard in this variant. And for the driver airbag in the steering wheel available.

Shades of black with some silver accents give the interior a sporty impression March. One that differs from the manual version is located on the AC with climate control. One more advantage of its competitors March.

The design of the seat body feels right prop. Moreover, this bench has a height regulator which makes it more flexible to suit the driver’s posture.

Information on fuel consumption, mileage with the fuel remaining, odometer, and tripmeter can be monitored thanks to the MID (Multi Information Display) as standard equipment. Do not worry, its low variant is equipped with MID.

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