McCain proposes millionaire prize for the best car battery

November 22, 2023

But does not refer to ordinary batteries that we all have in our cars. On July 2008, U.S. Senator John McCain has proposed creating a prize equivalent to the delivery of a dollar per person in the United States (300 million) to encourage the development of a battery for electric cars or hybrids, so that the country begins to escape its dependence on oil and therefore separated from the steady rise in the price of fuel.

john mccain

John McCain

How to determine what the best battery? The aim is to create a “with the size, capacity, price and power to make commercially available hybrid or electric cars.” McCain also proposes incentives to increase use of biofuels such as ethanol, a separate point is the discussion about whether this decrease in crops intended for human consumption.

In other words, to understand the context in which this proposal is taking place, that U.S. gasoline price has just reached a record U.S. $ 4 per gallon. Since this fuel is a basic input, this increase has led to an inflationary spiral which in turn triggered the prices of various goods and services, including of course public transport, heating and electricity. And part of that chain is the discontent of the American people about their government, which is forced to show interest in getting rid of that weight.

We will follow the debate that will surely start to see if the measure, which has a lot of positive, has enough support from the government. For now, the hydrogen cars do not seem to be an attractive option in the U.S. market.

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