Michelin Energy Saver

November 22, 2023

green tires

On the green tires

The Michelin company offers wheel covers for cars (tires) of new technology, which are released in the market as “green tires. ” It is the fourth generation of these advanced tires and are called “Michelin Energy Saver. ” Are tires with the ability to save on fuel consumption and at the same time help reduce emissions of pollutants into the environment.

As an added bonus these tires have a longer life. Green tires sold in Europe, Middle East, Africa and South America. The product name pretty much says it all, saving energy is its main purpose. It becomes a new tire concept, because buying a game involves investment. In the long run these tires save you money.

For example, to allow fuel savings of 0.2 liters per 100 km long, nearly two euros each fuel tank filled.

Fuel consumption

Can achieve savings through lower rolling resistance, about 20%. With respect to CO2 (carbon dioxide), the use of the new tires reduce emissions by 4 grams per km. This type of tires increase significantly its own life. Michelin says that pays at 45,000 miles driven. The first half of 2008 is the launch.


In terms of driving safety, improve vehicle performance and better braking distances. Can be fitted to most cars and are available in 29 measures. In 2008 we reached the 42 steps to install.

Its range will cover the three codes of speed (Read the article on the codification of the tires).

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