Modular Solar Car Concept Futuristic 2030

November 22, 2023

A conceptual vehicle designer Stamati Mihai is a modular car driven by two electric motors powered by solar energy. In the images added to this page you can see the look kind Popemobile, with green glass, bubble-like volume and appearance of capsule technology.

Modular solar car by 2030
Modular solar car by 2030</code>

This car has a very low speed limit (30 km / h) as may be appropriate only in certain areas such as parks or housing developments.

Futuristic concept car
Futuristic concept car

The conceptions of the future for automobiles are quite different to what we are accustomed. Changes are required contemplating urban transport and thereby the form and manner of operation are strongly conditioned cars. We’ll have to get used to these visions to change our mentality and do it in greater harmony to the environment.

It seems to be a modular vehicle for us in the future, several projects and is related to the urban vision of the next 20 to 30 years. Caring for the environment and energy use is central to the vision of the future.

Elongated module type are the future
Elongated module type are the future

These are mobile booths or capsules special floor areas for certain activities. There is always an intimate relationship between urban development and transport, influence each other. This particular design is ecological Stamati Mihai. You can expand on the back to gain interior space, as seen in the last image.

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