Nissan began development of a GT-R GT3

November 22, 2023

When a few months ago we heard about the interest of Nissan’s return to Le Mans, while wanting to develop a car according to FIA GT3 regulations, we think of the 370Z as a key model. But in the end Nissan has surprised us. As you stand at the time exclusively, Japan’s brand will return to Sarthe, although so far only as a driver.

But the most interesting plan is the development of a GT-R as standard GT3. Throughout this year played a few races in Europe and Japan. From well development, and noted that NISMO is a competitive car, the machine will be offered to private teams in 2012.

Obviously, due to regulatory conditions, have a GT-R GT3 involves developing a Godzilla without his great “attribute” intelligent all-wheel drive, which will cost you less efficient on the track. But beware, if GT3 GT-R, the 24 Hours of Nurburgring race can see it sooner rather than later.

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