Olympic Athletes Get a Boost from BMW Performance Programme

November 22, 2023

As part of its commitment to London 2012 Olympic Games, BMW will work with athletes around the world on principles of increased performance based on efficient energy use

Official vehicle of the Olympics

All officials and athletes will be using BMW cars to get where they need to get during the Olympics, as 4000 vehicles from the eco-friendly BMW 1 Series will be serving as the shuttle fleet charged with the safety and comfort of participants. There will be another important goal that BMW will need to meet – lowered levels of harmful gas emissions released by its cars are important if London 2012 wants to live up to its promise of sustainability. For its contributions, German automaker will be awarded the title of Automotive Partner of the London 2012 Games.

Spreading knowledge through BMW Performance Programme

Engineers at BMW regularly deal with problems of efficient energy usage and optimal performance under stressful conditions, issues well known to high-level athletes who endure taxing physical training every day. Under the guidance of its Performance Programme, BMW will try to transfer some of its experience to aspiring Olympics and Paralympics participants and help turn their dreams into reality. This kind of socially responsible initiative is intended to bring the world of technology into closer contact with human needs.

First video for London 2012 is up and running

For those who believe that a picture is worth a thousand words, BMW posted a superbly shot video that celebrates its participation in the Olympics and expresses support for athletic ideals and the spirit of fair competition. BMW M5 is the star of this video, with its elegance and technical features complimenting the visual imagery of untouched nature that forms the background for this intriguing piece of advertising. The video became instantly popular on YouTube, but more ads featuring low CO2 BMW cars are probably already in the editing room.

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