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November 22, 2023

Car Insurance

This is a question that arises especially the young and novice drivers, as they either are asking an exorbitant amount, or are not insured.

First, if a child aged 25 or novice driver tries to deceive any insurer making its parent as driver and car insurance policyholder, you should know that if the company finds that the car is in the name of the child ( because they will ask the documentation) automatically reject the car insurance policy, and that deception is too obvious.

If the insurer accepts the policy knowing that the borrower is the father and the owner of a child under 25 years old or novel, should not receive any compensation claim, and car insurance policyholder has to bear all expenses and it is clear proof of deception and bad faith claimed by the policyholder, and that surely the person with the incident with the car is not really the policy, but your child under 25 is not stated in the policy as a driver.

If, however, the youngest of 25, has put the car on behalf of his father or his mother, who is listed as a maker, driver and owner of the policy, must be very aware of what can happen.

In case of disaster, as indicated above, probably the driver that has caused, which is not stated in policy, but less than or novel that has put another taker, driver and owner (usually the father or mother) to save money and have a cheap car insurance.

The insurance company will not pay anything and will not be liable for material or physical damage or to third parties nor the driver, as you will apply the act in bad faith and shall not be paid.

In the best case, what can happen is that you never give a party and not have to resort to the insurance company, but we think that to pay an annual premium to an insurer that is not going to cover, it is better pay more and be well secured before resorting to deception, as in one form or another in the end always just checking.

In addition to advise you not buy a vehicle Sport 100hp or more, and that the premium will go up considerably. However, from our multirate insurance companies also have insurance for young and novice and although not as cheap as you leave your parents, will be an affordable premium, and most importantly, it is intended to be covered in case of disaster.
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For other types of tricks, like putting women as regular drivers and the insurance is cheaper, or make one that has more years of bonus card or above, two things can happen depending on the severity of deception:

* Or you do not cover anything for acting in bad faith.
* Or that in case of loss, you deduct the compensation, the resulting difference in premium if they did good insurance with adequate risk premium to actually declare a risk that is not real.

From, we give you budget more than 10 insurance companies for more than 10 different driver profiles. Offer the facility to be secured in any rule, and save money by choosing the appropriate insurance company without resorting to deception.

Another little trick, which makes insurance companies, is to make the driver less than 25 years as conductor novel sporadic rather than regular, but in this case the insurer will lead the price of car insurance worse the driver more or increase the amount because they know in advance that the vehicle will be driven by a minor, therefore we will not save a lot of money, and certainly in case of loss will put unnecessary obstacles you would have if declared as conductor.

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