Peugeot CityStar 125i: New Scooter from France

November 22, 2023

The scooter we see in the pictures is a completely new model in the catalog of Peugeot, and bears the name CityStar 125i. It looks like a Satelis (existing model in the brand) but innovation in design, engines and chassis. Urban style dial, with a good load capacity at a reduced size and quality of its components is quite high.

Peugeot CityStar 125i: New Scooter from France2

Following the deviations Satelis the CityStar is 17 inches smaller, weighs 10 kilos less and has a wheelbase of 1,430 mm (Satelis is 7 cm) and its width is smaller by 2 cm. In the aesthetic Peugeot keeps the traditional style, but that does not stop very well done design.

All elements are integrated seamlessly into the lines. We see a grille similar to a car, vertical headlamps and intermittent lower position. In the mechanical apparatus developments are also evident.

Peugeot CityStar 125i: New Scooter from France1

The 125i can be equipped Peugeot CityStar two engines of 125 cc and 200 cc, both with technology Low Friction Efficiency (EFF), incorporating a new calibration of the injection system, and go up to 10,000 rpm. All this provides a smoother, quieter operation and a lower fuel consumption.

This scooter has a motor EU3 with 15 horsepower in its version of 125cc, we maintain and hold a speed of 110 km / h with a consumption of 3.5 L / Km (20% less than its predecessor) and its autonomy is 260 km.

Peugeot CityStar 125i: New Scooter from France

The 200cc engine, which will be marketed later-delivered 19 hp at 8,500 rpm and 17 Nm at 6,700 rpm. They have the same progress that his brother 125cc, but the suspensions are stiffer.

In both displacements will remain the 13-inch wheels with Michelin Pilot SC tires of 120/70 front and behind 13060. There also remains the front forks 37mm in diameter and the brakes (240mm front disc and 210mm rear).

Furthermore, the driving position is quite comfortable, with seating to 795 mm of soil. Cargo capacity is generous, in the trunk can accommodate two helmets and a roof rack can add optional additional 34 liters.

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