The Austin Mini Titan 1959

November 22, 2023

The Austin Mini Titan 1959

Is a charismatic car that has been designed by Alec Issigonis. It was the state of affairs in the fifties what drove the car project, the idea was to get a gas saver car but other than small “Isetta” and “Messerschmitts” who swarmed at the time.

The idea came from Sir Leonard Lord, chairman of the British Motor Corporation.

It was a real engineering challenge, for it was assisted by Alec Issigonis.

It is said that the first sketches were made on a napkin and looked like a shoebox.

The measures in the first Austin Mini was 3 meters long by 1.1 m wide and there were to take 4 passengers plus some luggage.

Settled an automobile engine is a small space of just 50 cm, placed transversely It was the first production vehicle with an engine so forth.

The tires only had 10 inches in diameter. The independent suspension using rubber elastic elements instead of springs.

The first prototype was very convincing reason why in 1959 he began producing in two models, the Morris Mini Minor and Austin Seven.

It turned out it was not a popular success, rather it was chosen by business people, students and people of rather high economic level.

Only in 1962 had better sales, representing independence and that was in keeping with the times. With the new models are able to increase power and improve their virtues.

This little car became a favorite for rallies such as Monte Carlo.

He won the rally on several occasions, After 41 years of production to 5 million cars sold, became a classic car. He was one of the great successes of automotive history.

To resolve problems due to lack of space was used ideas of mechanics applied in other areas, including the steering column was inspired by the mechanism of a submarine periscope.

Dunlop developed special tires for this car, the oil was developed specifically for the engine and transmission, making it compatible. So many ideas came the result of the challenge launched by Sir Leonard Lord.

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