The Best Technology New Ford Fiesta

November 22, 2023

The new Fiesta is a car that goes with that young personality, lively, modern, irreverent, is able to accelerate beyond your senses perceive what with all the technology you like. Its sporty appearance is the center of attention, we must stress that it has a wonderful reaction when you step on sacelerador is comparable only with the feeling of security and comfort that you experience in it, whether you’re the driver or passenger.

FORD FIESTA integrates the new comfort, connectivity and high performance for the 11 we present this unique technologies, it is notable that many of them have never been seen in the small car segment:

1. SYNC (Entertainment & Communication System):

This is the communications and entertainment system activated by voice command aboard the PARTY, integrates your cell phone or your preferred music device (MP3, MP4. Ipod, etc).

2. Multifunctional LCD display 4 “:

The multifunctional LCD NEW FIESTA can display the name of your favorite song, sync your contacts or your iPod, and keep track of all information provided by the onboard computer.

3. No Blind Spot Mirrors:

It is a unique technology of the fiesta hatchback, which includes a special design, which extends its range of coverage by eliminating dangerous blind spots.

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