Three Reasons why People Love SUVs

November 22, 2023

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In the last decade is likely to become a footnote in automotive history.It was a time during which the drivers were almost ready to take out a second mortgage on your house to buy a huge SUV.To his credit, there are several advantages of owning one.Yet, as the specter of rising gas prices and economic slowdown have converged, most automakers have begun to thin their inventory or the dismantling of their platforms.

Then I will describe three of the most common reasons why people fell in love with their SUVs.As users continue to look for vehicles that are more fuel efficient, will be forced to sacrifice the following features.

Number 1 – Height and better view
Long ago, most cars were relatively the same height.Moreover, some drivers windows tinted.Times have changed.Cars, trucks and have even risen.Also, many people dye their windows so dark it is almost impossible to see through them.The problem is that it is often hard for drivers to see around the cars in front of them.

The owners of Hummer H2, Expeditions and other big sport utility vehicles earned the height advantage.Were highest point of land, giving their drivers a better view of the road.

Lots No. 2 – Of Space
It is easy to pack an entire football team of children in the back of a small sedan.And packing supplies for a long road trip presents its own challenges.The problem is the lack of space.Toyota Corolla and Nissan Altimas do not offer their owners a lot of extra space.By contrast, people who own Chevy Suburban, Chrysler Aspen, or Escalade to have more space than we can reasonably use (though some try).His family, pets, hiking gear, food for the winter and can fit comfortably.

Number 3 – luxury
Sports car manufacturers probably never imagined that their SUVs one day become the vehicle of choice for senior professionals.Instead, its target population was the lover of nature, the kind of adventure that was challenging the desert, not warming a seat in an office cubicle.

When professionals were buying SUVs began to demand certain luxuries.Navigation systems, integration of the iPod, DVD players, and temperature controlled seats became the norm.Some of these features can be enjoyed even in smaller cars, but SUVs seemed particularly appropriate for them.

Saying Goodbye
The SUVs will not die suddenly, but will likely take several years to eliminate the inventory of roads.That said, your position as the most popular car segment in the long run will end.As gas prices rise closer to $ 5 per gallon (though the last fall), SUV owners are tired of spending hundreds of dollars each month at the pump.They begin to migrate to smaller cars.As this happens, sport utility vehicles that increasingly the brink of extinction.

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