Toyota Personal Transport Assistance Robot

November 22, 2023

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Japanese car manufacturer Toyota, demonstrating the robot called Winglet personal transport. Winglet glance seem similar to the Segway. American-made personal transport robot. Winglet only carries one person with a range of 10 km.

The speed that can be achieved is 6 km / hour. Winglet has a lighter weight than the Segway. But the ability sails through shorter and run more slowly. The driver simply push the wheel forward to run. To brake or stop it simply by pulling toward the rear. to the left and right to live direct steering.

While the Winglet rudderless hand, simply controlled by moving the legs in accordance with the intended direction. There are 3 versions Winglet. The fundamental difference between one and the other lies in the size and steering systems. The smallest weight is 10 kg and able to walk 5 km. While the large size weighing 12 kg with a range of twice the smallest version.

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