Toyota Prius C Concept in Detroit

November 22, 2023

Toyota Prius C Concept in Detroit3

The world’s largest automaker has unveiled at the Detroit to Toyota Prius Concept C, a smaller version of the popular Prius, which at present is a prototype as its name indicates. The letter “C” is for “City” (town). Save a considerable resemblance to the FT-CH Concept shown last year in the same event yankee. This hybrid of reduced body will be marketed in the first half of 2012 (unless the end of the world come to us before.)

Toyota Prius C Concept in Detroit2

Although the familiar version of the Prius (the V) has dominated much of the attention, this concept has sufficient merit to at least do not go unnoticed. This development opens the door to the future launch of a global compact. Well, the body of this car is not exactly that of a compact MPV, but it is the segment that comes closest, at least for size. Or as the brand’s statement published in the U.S., we are facing “a city car designed for single people or young families who want a fun to drive Prius and ecological.”

Toyota Prius C Concept in Detroit1

Just as we, in 2012 and will be three models of the Prius, and no shortage of speculating future independence of this sub-brand within the Toyota group. Furthermore, the design of the Prius Concept C is quite different from the original, more angular lines and trimmed.

Toyota Prius C Concept in Detroit

As for the other, for now just know will be hybrids. Are expected to use the same platform as the original Prius. If so, we would be talking about a compact engine with 136 hp. The consumption of this block will be less than 3.1 L/100 km from the current model, although we did not give further details.

Its retail price will also be less, and the target audience is young. And that is all the information available at the moment, so we are left to contemplate the image gallery.

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