Vehicle Parking Tips When Rain

November 22, 2023

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For vehicle owners who leave the vehicle in a parking lot, may it be a new problem. Therefore to note a few things to stay safe vehicle parked despite erratic weather.

First, as much as possible looking for the room roofed parking area, such as a basement. This is of course to avoid the vehicle exposed to the pouring rain. If no, use the cover of the vehicle to avoid the vehicle body directly exposed to rain water. this is powerful enough to prevent rust due to rain conditions usually in big cities and in coastal areas have a high acid content causes rust.

Then the park with the series or oblique position. Then park the vehicle way back position is forward (backward). Because the parking lot like this model allows us to go quickly when there is one thing. Avoid parking under the big trees, like acacia, kapok, and banyan trees. This is to prevent the vehicle hit the tree trunk is broken due to wind waves occur when it rains or storms.

If forced to park on the roadside, choose a higher level. This is to anticipate the submerged vehicle, if our parking area is flood prone areas. In addition, select a hard surface, such as asphalt, concrete, cast, or even piles of stones. Do not place your vehicle on the ground, worried because the soil will shift or disappear when it rains.

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